About the Guide

For more than 30 years, the New Mexico Architectural Foundation has supported architectural excellence and education of the state’s outstanding architectural resources. The Foundation first created a version of this guide several years ago to feature important or distinctive architectural sites – this website offers an expanded and renewed Guide to New Mexico Architecture.

THIS IS A LIVING PROJECT. Initial sites are focused on the Albuquerque area, however, more sites will be added from across the state overtime.

Many sites that comprise this Guide are commercial or public sector sites and open for visits during business hours.  Private residences and secure sites may not be open for visits. Please respect the access restrictions as indicated and owner’s privacy.

The Foundation assembled a team of experts in architectural education and design to identify the sites and research the information featured in this Guide; it has has sole responsibility for the content. Committee members are all volunteer.

Using the Guide

  • Search the Guide – Short-cut search options for locating sites by Architectural Style, Historical Period, and Function. where the print font size indicates the number of projects of that type.
  • Guide Sites – The catalog of sites featured in the Guide listed by order of insertion. Click on the site title or the photograph to open the project description.
  • Maps – A link to a standard Google Map view of Albuquerque.

All images and textual descriptions are protected by copyright as indicated. Permission to use images for any other purpose must be secured from the copyright holder, not the Foundation.

Guide Committee Members
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