Hotel Andaluz (Hilton)

125 Second St. NW,  Albuquerque, NM  87102

Access:  505 388-0088  |  Hotel Andaluz

Hotel magnate Conrad Hilton was a native of San Antonio, New Mexico. Owner of several hotels in Texas, Hilton made this his first after the Great Depression and the first modern, high-rise hotel in the state. Many famous people stayed here including Zsa Zsa Gabor on her honeymoon with Hilton, James Stewart while stationed at Kirtland AFB during WWII, Lucille Ball, and others. In June 1945 David Greenglass and Harry Gold allegedly met here to exchange atomic secrets.


While the brick cornices designate the exterior as Territorial Revival style, the public interiors were and are more Spanish Colonial Revival. Apparently, in the 1960s, the two-story lobby was reduced to one story to provide more meeting space. In 1984 the lobby was restored to its present and original configuration. The 2009 remodel preserved important features such as the carved, wooden elevator interior, enhanced the amenities and upgraded the energy conservation aspects including roof-top photovoltaic panels.


Previous names:
Hilton Hotel (1939); Hotel Plaza (1969); La Posada de Albuquerque (1984); Hotel Andaluz (2008)

Completed:  1939
Architect:  Anton Korn
Contractor:  John Greer and Nathan Salmon
First remodel:  1984
Remodel Architects:  Boehning and Protz [seeking info*]
Remodel Contractor: O.G. Bradbury and Stamm Construction Company
Second remodel:  2009
Remodel Architects:  Studio Southwest Architects
Remodel Contractor:  seeking info*

National Register of Historic Places:  #84002868 (1984)
NM State Register of Cultural Properties:  #992 (12/16/1983)
City Landmark (Albuquerque):  seeking info*





  1. I was the structural engineer for the 1984 remodel of the Alvarado. Let me offer some pertinent information. Correct the spelling of Joe Boehning’s name. Although Bradbury Stamm Construction, Inc. is the current name of the company that did that remodel, and, at that time they were commonly referred to as “Bradbury and Stamm Construction”, the actual name of the company was, then, “O.G. Bradbury and Stamm Construction Company”. It is interesting that the original builders, John Greer and Nathan Salmon, both from Santa Fe, had common descendants, the Thornbergs and the Bucholtz, who owned many of the buildings on San Francisco Street in Santa Fe, including, the historic Lensic Theater. One of the Albuquerque “New Town” founding businessmen was Roy Stamm, whose youngest child was Robert “Bob” Stamm, who was a graduate of the UNM Civil Engineering Department and partnered with O.G. Bradbury to establish their construction company. The evening of the grand opening of the hotel was Conrad Hilton and Zsa Zsa Gabor’s wedding night. The Alvorado was Conrad’s third (or fourth) hotel, but the first that he had built. Also note that former mayor and governor, Clyde Tingley, had a special chair that is now kept in the lobby of the hotel, not far from where he regularly sat in it in his later days.

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  2. Robert — Thanks so much for your comment and the helpful information. We need this kind of feedback on several of the sites we have posted. I will have to take a good look at that chair. The Guide group is happy to make the changes you suggested.
    Best wishes.
    Ken Hartke


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