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  • ¡Explora! Science Center & Children’s Museum

    ¡Explora! Science Center & Children’s Museum

    The architecture of ¡Explora! is colorful and playful.  It beckons children of all ages to come in and have fun learning.

  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial

    Vietnam Veterans Memorial

    On a hill at the edge of the Moreno Valley in northern New Mexico, two curved, white planes soar toward the sky. Where the surfaces almost meet is the Peace and Brotherhood Chapel, the major feature of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

  • City of Rocks State Park Visitor Center

    City of Rocks State Park Visitor Center

    The City of Rocks State Park’s Visitor Center enhances the natural resource without competing with it. The dramatic rock façade is camouflaged to match the landscape.

  • Albuquerque Museum

    Albuquerque Museum

    The Albuquerque Museum has served as a major attraction for the city since it outgrew its first home, at the Sunport, becoming more dynamic over the years . . .

  • National Hispanic Cultural Center (District)

    National Hispanic Cultural Center (District)

    The National Hispanic Cultural Center (NHCC) is dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and advancement of Hispanic culture, arts, and humanities. The campus is composed of five buildings and a number of landscape features. The new buildings and landscapes are contemporary interpretations of a variety of styles related to the U.S. Southwest, Latin America, and the…

  • Rio Grande Nature Center and Preserve

    Rio Grande Nature Center and Preserve

    The Rio Grande Valley is a major migratory bird flyway and the Albuquerque Bosque is part of one of the longest Cottonwood forests in the world. As architect Antoine Predock has said of this site, “The building can be thought of as a permanent viewing blind set up with controlled apertures offering specific views of…

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