Spencer Theater for the Performing Arts

#1 Spencer Theater005-1 copy

Address:  108 Spencer Rd., Alto, NM  88312

Access: 888 818-7872 and 575 336-4800 | Website

The Spencer Theater for the Performing Arts appears to be more a geological find than a piece of architecture. The white limestone wedge was possibly broken off from Sierra Blanca in the distance to the west.

Somehow, a large crystal was formed on the north side of the white wedge and signals visitors to “Come explore here.”

As one enters the crystal, the exciting structure of the lobby trusses becomes apparent.

Balcony railings of fractured glass reinforce the theme of ice, snow and crystallography. Glass is also the theme of the art by noted glass artist, Dale Chihuly, introducing warm colors to the interior. An exterior court is located on the west side with an expansive view.  A cascading fountain falls from this courtyard over the covered auto entry to the west where the white wedge returns to the ground.

#7 Spencer Theater009-1

Completed:  1998
Architect and Landscape Architect:  Antoine Predock Architect PC 
Contractor: PCL Construction

Learn More: 

Predock / Spencer:  http://www.predock.com/Spencer/spencer.html


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