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Category: Regional Modernism

  • UNM Central Campus

    UNM Central Campus

    The University of New Mexico was founded in 1889 when New Mexico was still a territory of the United States. The architectural development of the central campus balances a regional, Southwestern design identity with 130 years of architectural design evolution.

  • Nob Hill District 

    Nob Hill District 

    The Nob Hill District was Albuquerque’s first suburban shopping area based on the automobile.  Central Avenue, a part of historic Route 66, is the backbone of this district. Catering to the 1930s residential area that developed east of UNM, the Nob Hill commercial area fostered a wide range of architectural styles.

  • Albuquerque Museum

    Albuquerque Museum

    The Albuquerque Museum has served as a major attraction for the city since it outgrew its first home, at the Sunport, becoming more dynamic over the years . . .

  • Pete V. Domenici U.S. Courthouse and McClellan Park

    Pete V. Domenici U.S. Courthouse and McClellan Park

    The Pete V. Domenici U.S. Courthouse, a major public building in Albuquerque, employs time-honored Southwestern architectural traditions . . .

  • Open Space Visitor Center (City of Albuquerque)

    Open Space Visitor Center (City of Albuquerque)

    Albuquerque’s Open Space Visitor Center introduces visitors to the Rio Grande Bosque, nature-related art, a native-plant demonstration garden, agricultural fields, the Piedras Marcadas Pueblo archaeological site, and stunning views….

  • Main Library (Albuquerque Public Library)

    Main Library (Albuquerque Public Library)

    George Pearl, FAIA, the designer of Albuquerque Public Library’s current Main Library, was a leader in the effort to find a modern architecture that spoke of the special qualities of the Southwest, what we now call “Regional Modernism.”…

  • National Hispanic Cultural Center (District)

    National Hispanic Cultural Center (District)

    The National Hispanic Cultural Center (NHCC) is dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and advancement of Hispanic culture, arts, and humanities. The campus is composed of five buildings and a number of landscape features. The new buildings and landscapes are contemporary interpretations of a variety of styles related to the U.S. Southwest, Latin America, and the…

  • La Luz

    La Luz

    This residential complex is situated on a sloping plane with breathtaking views of the Rio Grande Bosque and Sandia Mountains. . . .

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